1,000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Salve

1,000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Salve

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This Salve is great for topical application and gives strong relief for a variety of issues. Use for sore muscles, pain relief, relaxation, inflammation relief, and much more. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds.

It contains the purest Organic Hemp Extract processed using the best supercritical CO2 equipment in the industry for the cleanest products. It includes CBD, THC (under 0.3%), CBG, CBN, CBC, and more, plus terpenes and other beneficial Hemp components.

Made with Virgin Coconut Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Beeswax*, Cocoa Butter*, Hemp CBD Distillate*, Arnica Extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Menthol*, Vitamin E, Beta Caryophyllene, Geraniol, Nutmeg Oil, Peppermint Oil*, Rosemary Oil*
*Organic Ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Pham
Amazing Healing Products

My mom is currently in the ICU right now and I purchased the CBD Salve to rub on her feet at night to help her sleep. With all the beeping , buzzing of hospital room I know that she's getting amazing organic healing products to balance out the Hospital things they giving her. Thank you Future World Healing 🙏🏽 Appreciate you. ❤️- Cusp333

Georgia Harrison
Love it

my favorite salve or balm to use for relief!

John Anderson

Really fantastic for pain relief. I banged my leg real hard the other day and put it on right after and got relief and way less bruising than I should have.

Tom Owens
Very Potent!

Smells good , works great!

Marianna Dean
Hits the spot!

I only need to use a little at a time and it works really well, bottle will probably last me about 2 months