2,000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

2,000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

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This full spectrum product contains at least 2,000 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle (one ounce) in addition to other cannabinoids to give "the entourage effect". It contains the purest Organic Hemp Extract processed using the best supercritical CO2 equipment in the industry for the cleanest products. Organic MCT oil, which is largely tasteless and the most well tolerated, accompanies the Hemp Extract full of Cannabinoids including CBD, THC (under 0.3%), CBG, CBN, CBC, and more, plus terpenes and other beneficial Hemp components. Up last, you have the option to choose from several delicious flavors, all fully Organic from the highest quality industry leaders on the market today, for unrivaled taste and natural benefits.

Plain - natural flavor of the Hemp extract

Vanilla - more Earthy / grounding energy

Peppermint - uplifting, strong and awakening

Lemon-Lime - mood boosting and cleanliness

Cinnamon - spicy and improve focus

Ginger - balance and fortitude

It is recommended to start with a few drops under the tongue and holding it at least 30 seconds. You can try up to a dropperful which equals about one milliliter. Since there is no established standard, try a few different doses and see what works best for you.

Made with CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, Organic MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) and Organic Essential Oils (if flavored)

Customer Reviews

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Mike Becker
Nice potency

Definitely can feel the effect, wish it was a little cheaper but it works out to about 2 dollars a day for my dose so not too bad

Kai Hayes

Ive been taking the 1000mg for about a year, do 2 or 3 dropperfuls a day bc Im 230 lbs and lift heavy so need a lot. This makes it easier since only using half as much. thanks for the sale!

Jason Johnston
First CBD ANYTHING ever!

First time trying anything CBD EVER and I believe it helps a lot. I’d prob need to use a lot more to tell the difference but I love how i feel after I use it. I’ve also used the salve which is great for muscle aches and pains

Sal Monahan

This stuff is POTENT I only need a half ml at most for most days!

Donnie Burr
Clean oil

Clean tasting, not nasty like most other cbd oils. Feel the effects fast when using it. good for headaches and depression.